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Here you can find some interesting other resources about Napoleon:

Napoleon books
-Boney Books is the only bookseller in North America specializing exclusively in the Napoleonic Era. Founded in 1986, their service has 2 obsessions: fine books and everything Napoleonic.

Napoleonic websites
-Napoleon Series : acknowledging the extraordinary talents of the man who defined an age (1789-1821) and the remarkable men and women who peopled and shaped it, the Napoleon Series seeks to promote the continued, scholarly exploration of that age.

Battlefield vestiges
-Voyage & Histoire : the French magazine specialized in History tourism.
-War Tourist is an interesting website designed by Dan (Denmark) for all travellers interested in visiting war vestige.

Concierge in Paris
- Paris coup de Coeur. Working as a Concierge for more than 15 years, Arnaud Loison knows Paris “as his pocket” and can organize for you a perfect journey in the city of light.

Vacation apartments in Paris
- Feels Like Home in Paris. Why stay in a hotel where you are simply paying for a room, when you can experience Paris the way Parisians do, by staying in a fully furnished Parisian holiday apartment? Feels Like Home in Paris offers vacation apartment rentals in Montmartre and beyond.

Travel blogs and books about Paris
- Paris Insights is a book written by Tom Reeves. One reviewer has called the book a collection of “bright, fresh, first-hand reports about life in this endlessly fascinating city, enhanced by an outstanding array of photographs.” Many information, including food and tours.
- Hello Paris is a nice blog (in English and French), written by Jean Claude, a Parisian who loves his city! Many articles, from an insider point of view…

Paris itinaries planner
- Paris on Demand is a travel agency that helps you prepare and organize your stay in Paris : from tailored itinaries to thematic workshops.

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