Napoleon’s Fontainebleau Private Tour

Looking for escaping Paris to the countryside, discovering Napoleon‘s preferred palace and visiting one of the nicest French castle? This private tour at Fontainebleau takes you on a lovely trip out from Paris to discover one of the most emblematic French Renaissance castle in France. Across the collection, the garden and different rooms of the castle, you will discover Napoleon‘s objects and life. More touching, you will also see some objects of his soon, Napoleon II, who died in infancy.

Take this Private Guided Tour! We exclusively open for you doors usually closed to public + we drive you out of Paris (1/2 day) + skip the line with priority access ticket + stroll in the gardens of a former residence of the French kings…

Fontainebleau palace

Fontainebleau is a renaissance castle located 60km from Paris. It was one of the official residences of the kings of France. As the castle was damaged during the Revolution, Napoleon renovated it and added 40 apartments to accommodate the Court.

2 evenings a week, the castle hosted opera and theater performances.

Fontainebleau was also a political place, as you can see in the throne room and in the library / work cabinet of the Emperor: it hosted the Pope Pius VII, and it was there that Napoleon signed his abdication (April 6, 1814). On the 20 April, after having vainly attempted to commit suicide, he made ​​a famous speech to his soldiers in the “Cour des Adieux”: “Continue to serve France, its happiness was my only thought! For 20 years [...] you have always behaved with bravery and loyalty!”

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Each Private Tour is custom-tailored and different : prices start at 259€ per group (up to 4 persons).

Napoleon’s Fontainebleau Private Tour : testimonials

M. Vest (USA) :
« Overall the tour was fine. Our guide arrived on time and drove us safely to the Chateau. His English was very good and easily understood. There was a special event going on that day and we were fortunate to see a few additional rooms not normally open to the public. Our tour of the Petits Appartements had to be at the end of the tour. Our only small complaint was this tour was in French with a large group and Mr Ziemmann could not translate for us until after the guide finished her lengthily presentation. He would then sum it up in one sentence, so we did not get much out of that part of the tour. However, they did not charge us for the tour of the Petits Appartements so that offsets our small concern. The brief stop in Barbizon was nice. We would recommend your agency to anyone wishing to learn more about Napoleon. »

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