Napoleon tour: le Louvre and paintings night Private Tour

You are interested in art? You want to discover the secrets of Le Louvre museum at night? Discover the pictural side of Napoleon, with the magnificence of the Louvre’s treasures and paintings of the Napoleonic era. This private tour is specially designed for those who are more interested in the artistic aspects of Napoleon than in the military legend.

Take this Private Guided Tour! 2 hours to discover the Napoleonic paintings in Le Louvre museum + skip the line at Le Louvre with priority access tickets + use your ticket after the tour to explore Le Louvre at night, when the museum has its such special ambiance…

Napoleon tour in Paris, Eylau, le louvre

"La bataille d'Eylau", Gros. Eylau (7–8 February 1807) was a bloody and inconclusive battle between Napoléon's Grande Armée and a mostly Russian army near the town of Preußisch Eylau in East Prussia.

Napoleon tour paintings Le louvre paris

Napoleon wanted to turn Le Louvre into a unique sanctuary, gathering artistic treasures scattered all over the Empire, to showcase the magnificience of his reign. Restored and organized into a gallery with all the glories of ancient and modern Europe, some of the greatest artists of the time (Denon, Percier, Fontaine, David) participated in the development of a unique museum…

Nowadays, 2 big rooms of the museum are dedicated to the Napoleonic era. There, you discover some famous and less renowned master pieces, like Bonaparte in Arcole (GROS Antoine-Jean), the Coronation (DAVID Jacques Louis), the Eylau battle (GROS Antoine-Jean), etc…

As a specialist, your Private Guide explains to you what symbols are linked to each painting, but also how Le Louvre was built, and later transformed by Napoleon.

The Tour starts in the early evening. After the Tour, you can continue the visit (till the museum closes at 9.45pm), when the museum is then almost uncrowded, with a unique atmosphere…

Marriage of Napoleon and Marie-Louise, Cour Carrée du Louvre, 1810

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Each Private Tour is custom-tailored and different : prices start at 259€ per group (up to 4 persons).

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