Napoleon’s Les Invalides Private Tour

You are interested in military history? You want to visit the most emblematic building in Paris related to Napoléon? Welcome to Les Invalides: the French Army museum (including an important Napoleonic section). There, your Private Guide takes you to Napoléon’s tomb and around this magnificent building, opening exclusively for you parts of the monument usually closed to public…

Take this Private Guided Tour! We exclusively open for you doors usually closed to public + skip the line with priority access ticket + use your ticket after the Tour to continue the visit of the Army museum (1 full day needed to visit everything!) + visit a very  symbolic Napoleonic location in the heart of Paris

Les Invalides, the Dôme, Napoleon tour in Paris

Les Invalides was built by King Louis XIV in the late 17th century. This huge and magnificent building was dedicated at hosting old and injured soldiers (hence the name: Les Invalides = “the invalids”). With Napoléon’s Grande Armée, the place hosted many new soldiers and became quickly the gathering point for all the Bonapartists in Paris. Even after  Napoléon‘s death, many old soldiers were still gathering here, close to the impressive tomb of the Emperor.

Les Invalides and the Army museum are worth a visit: the museum is very complete, dealing with all the modern times of military history.

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The Invalides, Napoleon tour in Paris Transfer of the ashes of Napoleon to the Invalides, 1840

Each Private Tour is custom-tailored and different : prices start at 259€ per group (up to 4 persons).

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