Concierge in Paris

Here the story of Arnaud, a 15 years experience concierge, who might be your concierge for your next stay in Paris! He has just started is own company : Paris Coup de Coeur

Imagine yourself in a town abroad; you just lost your bag with your passport, your bank cards and the keys to the flat you rent.

It is the end of the day, getting darker outside and you are a father of six.
Not knowing what to do, you walk into a hotel to ask for help. The concierge on duty takes his time to help you by contacting a police officer fluent in English, blocking your lost bank cards, then contacting the owner of your flat to avoid sleeping outside in the middle of winter.
Later on in the evening, children in bed, you have a drink with your proprietor to relax. A man walks into the café, sits down at the table next to you. This man is no other than the man who helped you earlier. The world is small, Paris is a small town!
This is how the concept of “Paris Coup de Coeur” was brought to life.

Since then, this man has created his own company. “Paris Coup de Coeur” is a private Concierge Desk that helps tourists organising and planning an unforgettable stay in the city of lights, with original concepts and products, some of which being extra special, like drives in antique cars, idea brought to life thanks to an ex Golden Keys Concierge from the “Hotel du Louvre, Paris”, with fifteen years experience in the high standard hotel industry and in love with Paris.
What can we ask “Paris Coup de Coeur”? Absolutely EVERYTHING!

From the straight forward request (I would like to order a restaurant menu and have it delivered to my house, send my weekly shopping abroad) to the craziest one (I would like to propose in a front wheel drive Citroen car, would like to make my own perfume), “Paris Coup de Coeur” takes notes of your request and does everything necessary to give you a full answer.

For companies, offers help to organise evenings from start to finish. For hotels without a Concierge Desk, helps with looking after guests better. Recently also started putting guests in contact with estate agents for renting.
Paris Coup de Coeur” is service, service, and service!

The meeting between the Golden Keys Concierge and the man of the front wheel drive was unavoidable and happened in an old café in the 13th district of Paris. The unchanged interior with the coal heater in the centre of the room, owners in their eighties, could only ask for them to put their ideas together. The most surprising was the facts that that they live close to each other.

The passion for cars was the reason of long chats. The association could not have worked better, between the ex hotel Concierge Arnaud Loison, himself ex employee of General Motors whose grand-father owned an 11 of 1952, and Didier Claverie, the man of the front wheel drive in love with his car and with a strong knowledge in Citroen, creator of a company called “Compagnie au long cour”, that helps and supports the aged in their day to day life, located in the Parisian 13th district, famous district for Panhard and Levassor.

Today these two friends and their never ending stories offer you on – website an original concept, between history and glamour in drives by night in a front wheel drive car. You can book your trip in the Paris by night, aboard the legendary black car and its smartly dressed driver, suit and hat on.
In an old fashioned atmosphere, sitting at the back of the car that makes French people dream, you will be in the centre of the show in the capital that shines for you.

You can imagine yourself resisting or liberating Paris, or as a gangster with your hands full of money, running away and firing at the Police, or more romantic, as Jean Gabin kissing Michele Morgan.
Come and live and feel yourself as the king of the world, the king of Paris sitting in a car that completely changed the car industry by bringing up the concept of going down to get in and not climbing into a horse carriage.
The front wheel drive car is a car for a prince of the night, a gangster car, and not a trailer!

Back then, you had the ones with it and the ones without. A lot of people would tell you knowing the front wheel drive car but only a few know its sound, its smell. Do you know the sound of its starter, the sound of its engine, the sound of its manual window wiper, the smell of its engine….

I remember… Like I remember my first days at my new school, I was seven. With my mum and my grand-father, I got there like the son of a rich man. To avoid chaos in the mornings and in the evenings, the director asked me to cycle to school.
Today, it is your turn to feel this way if you come to Paris… We drive to drive you around, after having dinner in Paris, with or without Champagne, or take you back to the fifties era, for an evening, while watching a movie in the back of the car, or listening to Jazz in a famous location of a grand era.

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